The Day Retreats

Discover your soul’s purpose through astrology and ritual. Join us for the immersive Solstice Experience.

New York City

Saturday, June 22 SOLD OUT!

Los Angeles

Saturday, June 29 SOLD OUT!
women gathering in a circle
a circle of women with candles in ritual
women around a gorgeous lake in new york
a woman shuffling a tarot deck
a woman sharing from her journal at a microphone
women cheersing glasses of wine
women gathering in a circle
a circle of women with candles in ritual
women around a gorgeous lake in new york
a woman shuffling a tarot deck
a woman sharing from her journal at a microphone
women cheersing glasses of wine
the experience

Explore Your Soul Expression

Through this immersive day retreat, attendees will deep dive into their birth charts and magical practices, extracting their soul’s superpowers through astrology, divination, meditation, and rich symbolic interpretation. This intimate gathering supports powerful community-building, as well as special 1:1 time with Aliza.

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Work with Aliza

Cultivate new spiritual tools as Aliza leads you through the Summer Solstice portal. Aliza will guide you into her robust magical practice with illuminating rituals, expansive insight, and personal feedback.

Forever Friendships

Connect with a safe, supportive cohort of inspiring witches. This intimate gathering will help you embrace transformative powers to unleash your authentic self, bolstered by a nurturing, nonjudgemental community.

A yellow and blue moon with a yellow half and a blue half.

Astrology & Magic

Learn new astrology techniques and harness your psychic abilities as Aliza teaches you how to hone your natural talents and discover your untapped potential using birth chart analysis and spell-work.

Personal Transformation

Dynamic workshops and ritual practices synthesize astrology, mysticism, sisterhood, and personal agency to create a transformative experience. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of your personal power and your soul’s purpose. You will be forever changed.

"I went in confused, lost, and lonely. I came out with a deep sense of who I am, an understanding of my own gifts, and with so much clarity for my life's direction."


Attended October 2022

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at a glance

With Aliza as your personal guide, you'll excavate your soul's purpose and experience profound spiritual transformation.



Morning Refreshments & Introductions


Intention Setting Ritual


Astrology & Spirituality Interactive Workshop


Nourishing Lunch



Meditative Sound Bath


Building Psychic Skills & Interpretive Techniques


Community Ceremony


Evening Refreshments & Farewells

Whether you're a complete beginner or a professional practitioner,
this retreat is for you.

Lunar lodge group circle

What past participants are saying...

Aliza's retreats are inclusive of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our programming is focused yet flexible, practical yet mystical, grounded yet freeing. With Aliza as your guide, you'll enter a sacred container that's supportive, inspiring, and transformative.

"I was introduced to powers that I never knew I had. Every second of every day felt like an adventure, filled with wonderful intention. At the same time, I never felt rushed or hurried."


Attended August 2023

"Every time I attend a retreat, I leave with so much confidence in my interests and abilities. I am forever grateful for Aliza and her team for making these happen."


Attended April 2023 & August 2023

"I was so impressed with Aliza's ability to hold space for all of us. She had a pulse on when to keep things light and fun and when to go deep and be still."


Atteneded August 2023

"Each detail was intentionally curated with connectedness and magick in mind, and the whole thing felt like a warm hug followed by a collective, full-body exhale. It is an experience I would return to again and again!"


Attended April 2023 & August 2023

"Never in my life have I felt so immediately safe and comfortable in a group of new people (who are now, of course, all close friends)."

Cori Anne

Attended March 2021, October 2022 & April 2023

"Magic and astrology aside, I don't often feel connected to groups of people the way I did at the retreat. There was just something about it that made everyone feel safe and open and comfortable enough to be authentic."


Attended October 2022

"Meeting Aliza in person was a gift. She is equal parts compassionate heart, inspirational speaker, wicked humor, and capable organizer. It’s no wonder she is our fearless leader and I would surely follow her just about anywhere."


Attended October 2022 & April 2023

"The retreat felt like summer camp, in the best way possible. I was able to play again, make magic again, and learn new things about myself, astrology, and the esoteric world. I laughed, I cried, and I ate to my heart's content. I will truly remember this retreat for the rest of my life."


Attended August 2023

"One of the most impactful aspects of the retreat was the daily sound bath meditation and mindfulness practices. They allowed me to connect with my inner self in ways I never thought possible."


Atteneded August 2023

"I truly felt so loved and held by not only Aliza, Katrin, and Luke, but also by every single woman there. A new sisterhood was formed that I still and will always carry with me."


Attended March 2021 & August 2023

Whether you are just exploring your magick or are an advanced practitioner and want to learn more, being fully immersed in a diverse group allows for collective growth.


Attended August 2023

"I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!"


Attended August 2023

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A group of women holding hands around a lit table

Day Retreat: New York City


Saturday, June 22 SOLD OUT!
9:30am to 5:30pm
East Village, NYC
women sitting in a circle with lit candles at night

Day Retreat: Los Angeles


Saturday, June 29 SOLD OUT!
9:30am to 5:30pm
West Hollywood, LA


Please read through the FAQs before reaching out with your question. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please email for help.

Your Questions, Answered

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! A variety of payment plans are available through Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna. Click here to head to check out and see your options!

Do I need to register in both New York City and Los Angeles?

The Solstice Experience programming will be the same in New York and Los Angeles. We're bringing this day retreat to two different cities to accommodate folks in various locations. Join us whichever day is most convenient for you!

Our New York City day retreat is on Saturday, June 22. Register here!

Our Los Angeles day retreat is on Saturday, June 29. Register here!

I'll be traveling to the location. Can you help me coordinate?

Each participant is responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Once you register, you're welcome to let us know your plans and timing.

What’s the venue like?

The venue in New York City is a charming storefront event space in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood.

The venue in Los Angeles is a private house with several gathering spaces inside and a beautiful backyard.

Both venues have air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a kitchen space. Addresses will be provided following registration.

I have a dietary restriction. Will you be able to accommodate me?

Of course! We will be asking for everyone’s dietary restrictions prior to the event and working with our wonderful caterers to ensure that everyone has plenty of delicious food to eat throughout the day.

Do I need to have any knowledge of astrology or spell-work to join?

Aliza’s retreats are beginner-friendly. No matter your skill level, you’ll be able to fully enjoy our programming and actively participate in your personal growth journey. We hope you'll join!

I am a professional practitioner. Is this retreat right for me?

The programming is thoughtfully curated to benefit all skill levels, and Aliza will offer personalized guidance throughout the retreat. We’ll be focusing on cultivating authenticity and building confidence through a variety of modalities. We hope you’ll join!

Can I bring my friend who knows nothing about astrology?

We love it when people bring friends! No astrology or spell-work experience is necessary to attend this retreat, so your friend is more than welcome to register and attend.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final.