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Setting intentions at full moon circle

What participants are saying

"The bonds created throughout this experience have expanded me on a soul level & I am forever grateful to Aliza for creating the space to participate in such an extraordinary experience."
"Thank you, Aliza Kelly, for curating a circle of amazing humans that we all will always belong in."
"The Lunar Lodge Retreat was a dream come true for me. It was the most fun, freeing, transformative experience of my life...Meeting Aliza in person was a gift. She is equal parts compassionate heart, inspirational speaker, wicked humor, and capable organizer. It’s no wonder she is our fearless leader and I would surely follow her just about anywhere."
"The entire experience was so connective, meeting like-minded individuals in a curated safe container of exploration & space-holding. The healing & discovery I encountered during this weekend was equivalent to months of therapy, and I also had a TON of fun."
"The amount of magic, connection, beauty, and love present at the Lunar Lodge retreat is immeasurable. Never in my life have I felt so immediately safe and comfortable in a group of new people (who are now, of course, all close friends). Aliza’s ability to facilitate such a rich and meaningful experience is unmatched."
"10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their spiritual practices, and make beautiful connections."
"Magic and astrology aside, I don't often feel connected to groups of people the way I did at the Lunar Lodge. There was just something about it that made everyone feel safe and open and comfortable enough to be authentic."
"I bonded deeply with each of the women who attended the retreat, and I woke up each day with a profound feeling of self-love for myself and for the collective."
"I couldn’t have anticipated how truly lovely, inspiring, and powerful the weekend would be. All of the thoughtfully curated details, from cocktail making, to candle carving, and star gazing, made every moment feel really special and really well planned."
"I went in confused, lost, lonely - I came out with such a deep sense of who I am, an understanding of my own gifts, and with so much clarity for the direction of my life. It feels like it’s just the beginning."
"Being led in circle by Aliza on that Aries full moon night was nothing short of the most magical experience in my life - she embodied the Sunflower Goddess, our Queen of Wands, as we released, and screamed and howled and sang, with Luna."
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Want to work with Aliza?

In addition to Aliza's multi-day retreats and full-day workshops, she's also available for virtual and in-person conferences, group readings, and corporate events. Past and ongoing workshop clients include MTV, Bumble, New York University, Boston Consulting Group, Diageo, and numerous others.