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Magic is everywhere.

My earliest childhood memories aren't narrative; they're impressions. And, in every single one, I can vividly recall this ineffable electric current animating my psyche: the pulse of magic. There was a sense of limitless. There were no rules, no restrictions, no doubts. Everything and anything was possible.

But growing up tends to disconnect us from our innate truths, and I—like so many magical people—metabolized this imbalance emotionally and psychologically. I was lost, confused, and fragmented. By the time I was in my early 20s, I didn't know who I was, what I wanted, or even how to begin returning to myself.

And, it was in the darkness, that I began to see the stars.

My spiritual renaissance began in 2013, when I started exploring astrology. With the support of incredible mentors, Annabel Gat and Anne Ortelee, I sharpened my skills and honed my practice. In 2014, I co-founded Align, an astrology dating app, which operated until 2016. In January 2017, I ventured onto my current path as a full-time, professional astrologer.

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Astrology is a practice in empathy.

Experiencing self through the lens of astrology truly changed my life. I learned how to embrace my multidimensionality: to celebrate my strengths and apply tender compassion to my weaknesses. Through astrology, I found the true meaning of self-love, which empowered me to actualize my wildest dreams. And, in recognizing that we are individual microcosms of the greater macrocosm that is consciousness, I committed myself to guiding others through this transformation, too. Because life is exponentially more beautiful when we embrace our truth.

Through my unique blend of humor and expertise, honesty and compassion, I've developed a unique Aliza Kelly methodology that enables me to share my passions through different verticals. Whether I'm posting on social media, writing columns for The Cut, hosting bi-weekly workshops in The Constellation Club, or cooking up a dynamic brand collaboration, my work is always about love, kindness, integration, and—of course—magic.

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Sun in leo
Moon in pisces
Rising in capricorn

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"If astrology is a language to help you understand yourself and the world around you, Aliza is its ultimate translator―insightful and full of heart."

Jessica Giles

Editor-In-Chief at Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Aliza Kelly is an incredibly comprehensive astrologer."

Courtney perkins

Creator @notallgeminis

"Aliza’s insights have helped me realize my own personal power."


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