Founded in 2019, the Constellation Club is a virtual and in-person community that empowers members to study astrology, magic, spirituality, and spell-work in a safe and supportive environment.

There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
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Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, the Constellation Club is a place for everyone! Through a 24/7 chatroom, live gatherings, educational resources, discussions boards, and dozens of special offerings, the Constellation Club aims to connect people from all around the world through shared values of integrity, compassion, curiosity, and mysticism.

If you are...

Curious about astrology, tarot and magic, but don’t know where to start…

Interested in understanding your birth chart...

Seeking a supportive community of like-minded individuals...

Ready to manifest your best life...

The Constellation Club is for you!

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What's included

Perks and Benefits

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Lunar Rituals

On every New and Full Moon, Aliza hosts a Coven Meeting, where members share stories and create collective magic. Each meeting concludes with a powerful manifestation ritual.

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Guides & Resources

The Constellation Club is home to a robust resource library on astrology, tarot, manifestation, and magic, including downloadable PDF guides, workshops, and live events.

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Safe Mystical Community

Through a private social network and interactive live events, the Constellation Club unites like-minded folks. The Constellation Club is responsible for best friends and biz partnerships!

What members are saying...

"I gained a community that supports me for being me. I have learned more about my metaphysical practices, and being vulnerable and truly open with people I have never physically met. I don’t think this is a community I will ever leave."
"Joining the CC was transformative for me because, for the first time, I was seen and supported by fellow mystics and found myself in a community that not only believed in my abilities and goals, but was also delighted by the divination tools I had to offer."
"I absolutely enjoy carving time out of my crazy schedule to meditate, manifest, and learn from all the other CC members through the moon gatherings with Aliza."
"The Constellation Club has basically been my dream metaphysical school! With the support of this incredible community, I have been able to learn so much about astrology, tarot, and crystals, while also experimenting with different ways of expressing my own witchy crafts."
"The Constellation Club has been such a wonderful community. I feel right at home. I enjoy the vast information available, the people, and most importantly I’ve learned how to tap into my inner witch."
"The Constellation Club has been a space of support and guidance. I came for the moon practices and found a community."
"The Constellation Club has been amazing. I truly value this community."
"I actually can’t begin to explain all the Constellation Club has done for me. I’ve learned so much through the Coven Meetings, Aliza, and my peers. Not only have I expanded my knowledge on these metaphysical topics, but I’ve learned about myself and made lifelong friends along the way."
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