Lunar Lodge Retreat: The Mystical Immersion

Join Aliza for a fully-immersive retreat — exploring astrology, tarot, magic, and manifestation — at a private boutique hotel and spa in Castroville, Texas.

April 13, 2023
Hillside Boutique Hotel
About the EVENT

The Lunar Lodge is back... and everything's bigger in Texas! We'll be taking over the stunning Hillside Boutique Hotel in the quaint town of Castroville, Texas (just 30-minutes from San Antonio, 2-hours from Austin), known for its distinctive Alsatian architecture and proximity to the enchanting Medina River Valley.

During this Lunar Lodge experience, we'll be focused on cultivating, honing, and expanding our unique manifestation practices rooted in individual mystical identity. Astrology and tarot workshops will go beyond stars and cards, exploring mythology, iconography, spiritual traditions, spell-work, and magic, with birth charts as a launching pad for deep mystical exploration.

We'll continue building our knowledge throughout the retreat; activities such as painting, cave-explorations, sound baths, and river cruises will offer new perspectives on the concept of "as above, so below." And, of course, we'll also have free time to relax by the pool, schedule a spa treatment, dine on nourishing farm-to-table cuisine, and enjoy the splendor of our private hotel while bonding with like-minded stargazers.