Lunar Lodge Retreat: Gathering Full Moon Magic

Join Aliza for her FIRST immersive astrology retreat in California's High Desert. Get to know the fabric of your birth chart, practice magic, and participate in the first ever in-person Coven Meeting.

October 6, 2022
Cuyama Buckhorn Hotel
About the EVENT

The stars have aligned for an immersive Astrology Retreat with celebrity astrologer, author, and host – Aliza Kelly! After many years, Aliza’s inaugural in-person Lunar Lodge takes place in one of the most spiritually energetic landscapes in the world, just north of Los Padres National Forest, in California’s High Desert.

Our home base is Cuyama Buckhorn Hotel — a beautifully renovated mid-century hotel originally built in 1952. We’ve reserved the entire hotel to host Lunar Lodge, providing Aliza's guests with an intimate, exclusive experience. Connect with your fellow stargazers at the property’s locally-fueled bars and restaurants, cool down in the swimming pool, heat up in the hot tub, cozy up at the fire pit, and sprawl out under the stars at our sequestered oasis. During this retreat, we’ll spend time in nature, taste the legendary wines of California, and dine al fresco on Cuyama's carefully crafted culinary cuisine all while enhancing our knowledge of astrology and mysticism through Aliza's hands-on teaching.

In addition to exploring Aliza’s unique form of practical astrology, each participant will learn how to transform their life experiences into a symbolic language, a process that invites the practice of TANC – There Are No Coincidences. Complementing practical astrology, TANC is a metaphysical philosophy created by Aliza that points to mindfulness and empowerment through conscious reflection. Additionally, those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice will have the opportunity to explore new ways of utilizing creativity through astrology, tarot, and hands-on spell work. Participants will focus on the symbolic language that reflects their personal stories, transforming them into effective narratives for their clients.