Lunar Lodge Retreat: Wilding Your Magic

Join Aliza for a fully-immersive retreat in the enchanting forests of Upstate New York to explore astrology, tarot, magic, and manifestation with an intimate community of like-minded stargazers.

August 24, 2023
Eastwind Windham Hotel
About the EVENT

Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Catskills mountains, we’ll explore the mystical messages embedded in every tree, birdsong, and passing cloud during our stay at the Eastwind Windham Hotel. We’ve reserved the entire property to host the retreat, providing guests with an intimate, exclusive experience. Together, we'll explore the mystical mountain landscape, connect over delicious meals, strengthen community bonds, and learn about astrology and mysticism through Aliza’s hands-on teaching.

Each day of the retreat is thoughtfully curated to invite guests to disconnect from their everyday experiences in order to discover a deeper sense of reverence for and collaboration with the natural world — and the divine, energetic experiences woven throughout it. Aliza will teach retreat-goers how to forge deep connections with the four core elements — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water — through both a material and mystical lens. Using astrological teachings, tarot cards, iconography, spell-work, and our five (well, six!) senses, Aliza’s guidance will deepen your relationship to the divine. Throughout the retreat, we’ll collect dynamic sensory experiences and build our mystical knowledge to prepare for a powerful in-person Coven Meeting that will amplify our collective magic. 

This experience is meant to strip away the stimuli of regular life — responsibilities, to-do lists, social pressures — in order to forge profound connections between the individual, the collective, the natural world, and the universal force that unites us all. Whether you’re a professional witch or just beginning your mystical journey, this dynamic retreat — combining the micro and the macro, the physical and spiritual — will spark personal transformation, forge life-long friendships, and enhance your knowledge of astrology and mysticism.

Plus! This retreat includes a very special workshop from guest lecturer Veronica Varlow. Veronica is a powerful Love Witch, prolific practitioner, and the author of the bestselling book Bohemian Magick, a grimoire of spells and charms.

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Questions? Email our travel coordinator, Laura Hart.