Scorpio Rising

Explore the cosmic fabric of your unique Scorpio Rising with Aliza Kelly. When you purchase this class, you'll receive lifetime access to a video lecture and downloadable PDF workbook to illuminate your Ascendant.

approx. 30 mins
1 Video Lecture
1 Downloadable PDF Workbook
Lifetime Access
About the class


This interactive class was created for the cosmically curious, no matter where you are on your astrological journey. I’ve synthesized my 10+ years of astrological study, consultations, research, and personal celestial experiences to create a digestible yet comprehensive overview of each Rising Sign. Together, we’ll unpack this vital astrological placement from a nuanced perspective, clarify misconceptions, and define what your Rising Sign means to you. Through lifetime access to a video lecture and bespoke PDF guide, you’ll have the tools to make direct contact with your unique cosmology. I hope this class empowers you to connect with your untapped potential, align with your truth, and actualize your dreams.


  • Bespoke astrological insight from Aliza Kelly’s 10+ years of experience
  • Engaging video lecture taught by Aliza Kelly, using a visual presentation
  • Downloadable and printable PDF guide, including exercises and reflection questions
  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Invitations to Aliza’s quarterly office hours, hosted exclusively for students of her classes
  • Timely technical support from Aliza’s team


  • What the Rising Sign, otherwise known as the Ascendant, means in astrology
  • How to locate your Rising Sign
  • How the Rising Sign establishes the architecture of your birth chart
  • How the Rising Sign goes beyond “the mask your wear in public” and defines your life’s mission
  • How your specific Rising Sign operates
  • What your chart ruler is, how to identify it, how it relates to your Rising Sign, and what it does
  • What it means when transiting planets cross your Ascendant
  • What the Descendant is, how it relates your Ascendant, and how it impacts your life’s path
  • How to identity planets conjunct your Ascendant and what they mean
  • Interpretive skills, illustrated through celebrity chart examples
  • Exercises and reflection questions that will illuminate your unique relationship to your Rising Sign