Meet Aliza, your new witchy bestie :)

Aliza Kelly 70s style
There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
There are no coincidences
Aliza Kelly in Cowgirl Hat and Blue Blazer

Hey, I'm Aliza (like Ibiza).

Hi friends! My name is Aliza (pronounced uh-LEE-zuh) Kelly. I’m a New York-based professional astrologer, bestselling author, and the Internet's favorite witchy bestie. Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals to help inspire, illuminate, and actualize their limitless potential. Through these experiences, I can say with the utmost confidence that my techniques will change your life.

With a decade of experience under my belt, my practice is immersive, comprehensive, and time-honored, as well as fun, relatable, and accessible. Your astrology is your unique cosmic fingerprint, and likewise, by exploring modern mysticism, we have the ability to unlock the greatest gift of all: Powerful, courageous, remarkable veracity.

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